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Library Tutorial: Welcome

An introduction to many basic uses of the library website.


Welcome to the Heritage University Library online tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to use the resources the library offers. After you have finished it you should have a good idea where to look for different kinds of sources.

Please, start by answering the questions on this page. This is not a test, only a survey to help us understand what our students already know.

Information Literacy

This tutorial is the beginning of your journey towards information literacy. Information literacy is understanding how to find and how to use information to solve problems or meet needs in your life.

Problems can mean anything, from "I need to write this paper" to "I really want to know who directed The Hangover" to "There's an election and I need to decide who to vote for." Knowing how to find information, and how to tell good information from bad, will help you answer questions and solve problems, both during your time at Heritage, and in your life and career.

Subject Guide

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