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Career Services: Business

A guide to the resources Heritage offers our students to plan their post-college careers.

Picking a Speciality

Most business majors pick an area they want to specialize in, such as marketing or finance. If you are going into our business program, give some thought to what you want to focus on.

Levels of Business Degrees

A Bachelor's Degree in business or a related field will take you four years or so to finish, and qualifies you for entry level positions, usually related to your specialty.

A Master of Business Administration is often abbreviated as MBA, will take an additional two years to earn. MBAs are often pursued by working professionals who want to move up into management, although some people earn them before entering the job market. These degrees are mostly preparation for management positions.

A Doctorate in Business is usually pursued by people who want to teach in a business school; professional positions usually do not require or expect candidates to hold a doctoral degree, and many employers would consider time spent working in the industry more valuable. If you would like to be a professor of business, though, you will need this degree.


A degree in business can prepare you for a job in accounting, marketing, management, finance, advertising, or other aspects of business.

A business degree can also prepare you for work in the non-profit sector or starting your own business.

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