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Databases and websites to assist in locating data in the Humanities


Humanities, those branches of knowledge that concern themselves with human beings and their culture or with analytic and critical methods of inquiry derived from an appreciation of human values and of the unique ability of the human spirit to express itself. As a group of educational disciplines, the humanities are distinguished in content and method from the physical and biological sciences and, somewhat less decisively, from the social sciences. The humanities include the study of languages, literature, the arts, history, philosophy, law and religion.

"Humanities." Encyclopædia Britannica

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Welcome to the Heritage University Digital Reference Toolbox for the Humanities. The tabbed links in this guide will provide you access to useful digital resources. Links to subscription databases are only available to students and faculty through HU/MyHeritage and may require log-in credentials. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or additions.

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