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Donald K North Library: Technology Loans


Heritage University Library Equipment Loans

  1. Equipment loans are provided to currently enrolled Heritage students, faculty, and staff in good standing, with no fines or overdue items. Only Heritage students, faculty, and staff may use the equipment while it is on loan, and that individual patron takes full risk and responsibility for the loaned item. A valid Heritage ID is required. Each individual can borrow only one equipment-set at a time. (Some sets contain several equipment pieces.)

  1. Laptops and Tablets are available for curricular and extra-curricular purposes, and can be used both on-campus and off-campus. Calculators must be used on campus only. Users must comply with the Heritage University computer use policy.

  1. Calculators must be returned by the end of the same day they were checked out, before the Library closes. Laptop and Tablet loans have a check out duration of 7 days. Once returned to the Library and checked in by staff, an item can be borrowed again, if available. All equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis. No holds or reservations.

  1. The Heritage Library does not assume any liability for misuse of borrowed equipment. Patron agrees not to tamper with the hardware or software. Patrons are financially liable for any items not returned on time, or returned requiring repair or replacement. The Library cannot accept replacement tablets or accessories purchased by the individual. The replacement or maintenance cost for missing or damaged items will be charged as fines. For items not returned on time, a late fine of $10 per day will accrue. If an item is returned with password protection the patron shall have a $5 fee added to their account. Replacement costs are as follows: 
Samsung Galaxy Tablets Dell Inspiron Laptops TI Scientific Calculators
Tablet $545.00 Laptop $330.00 Calculator $100.00
Tablet Bag $45.00

Laptop Bag $40.00

Tablet Charger $15.00 Laptop Charger $95.00  
Tablet USB Cable $15.00    

         5. If an item has not been returned within one full calendar year of the due date the amount will be sent to a collection agency.

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